Our policies

Service standards

Full details of our policies and procedures can be found here:  Dacorum recycling policies and procedures (PDF 126KB).

What you can expect from us

  • We will endeavour to collect your domestic waste on the same day each week (except for bank holidays, Christmas and New Year) and in cases of severe weather.
  • We will advertise any changes to your service in advance using our website, our text service, Facebook and Twitter.
  • We will provide you with one 240-litre grey bin for your non-recyclable waste; one 240-litre green-lidded bin for your green waste, one 240-litre blue-lidded bin and a kitchen and kerbside caddy.
  • After emptying your bin and caddy, we will return your bin and caddy to where they were collected from.
  • We will endeavour to keep your street clean after your waste collection by clearing up any spillages made by the crew whilst collecting the waste.
  • If we make a mistake and miss your bin, we will endeavour to action your report of a missed collection by the end of the next working day.
  • We will provide assisted collections for the elderly and the infirm who meet the criteria upon application.
  • Large families of six or more residents can apply for a larger blue-lidded bin (360 litres), second kerbside caddy and a larger grey bin (360 litres).

How you can help us

  • Please ensure that you put the correct bin out each week by 6.45am on the day of your scheduled collection and place it back onto your property after collection.
  • Please report your missed within 48 hours of your scheduled collection by completing our missed bin collection form.
  • If your blue-lidded bin is full, please put your surplus recycling items, such as plastics and cans, in a sturdy container for collection. Do not put excess recycling in carrier bags - these will not be collected. This requirement is for the health and safety of our collection crews.
  • Please do not contaminate your green-lidded bin, kerbside caddy or your blue-lidded bin by placing the wrong items in them. If you do this, the bin/caddy will not be collected. Bins that are persistently contaminated, even after consultation, will be removed from your property until compliance is agreed.
  • Please do not put out extra rubbish with your grey bin, green-lidded bin or kerbside caddy.
  • Only use wheeled bins provided by us. Any other wheeled bins may not meet our safety standards and may put our operatives at risk. Non-Dacorum Borough Council wheeled bins will not be emptied.
  • Please recycle as much as you can and try to reduce the amount of rubbish that you produce.
  • It is your responsibility to store your waste in a safe and tidy manner between collections.
  • We will not collect any waste not presented for collection, unless otherwise agreed.

Waste collection commitment

We have signed up to the Waste Collection Commitment. The commitment is a national standard of service devised by WRAP - the Waste Resources Action Programme. The principles within the commitment are now being used across the country as the definition of a good service.

What the commitment means for you

We are proud to have signed up and will be making every effort now and in the future to ensure that the service meets your expectations.

In line with the commitment, we aim to:

  • Improve the web pages for this service
  • Provide information about the service
  • Offer better information at the point of collection.

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