Energy Bills Rebate

Updated 7 September 2022

Providing your bank details

If you have received a letter from us asking for your bank details - please click the button below and complete the online form to give us your bank details to receive the payment. 

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What is the Energy Bills Rebate?

The Government has announced support for households with the rising cost of energy bills by providing a £150 one-off payment that does not need to be repaid.

Households are eligible where, on 1 April 2022, they are liable for Council Tax on a property that is in Council Tax bands A to D, and which they live in as their main home.

Where the occupants of a property in bands A to D are exempt from Council Tax on 1 April 2022, they are eligible if the property falls into one of the following classes of exemption:

  • Class N (students - other than Houses in Multiple Occupation for Council Tax purposes)
  • Class S (under 18s)
  • Class U (people with a severe mental impairment)
  • Class W (annexes occupied by a dependent relative).

Your Council Tax bill will tell you the reason for any exemption.

Within Dacorum, this means that we will be making about 44,000 payments to residents.

How will I receive my payment?

We have now made about 44,000 payments to residents. For most people we have made the payment to a bank account. If you pay your council tax by direct debit we were able to pay most of these without asking you for any more information.

When we have been unable to verify a bank account, we have instead paid the £150 Energy Bills Rebate to your Council Tax account and used it to reduce your instalments for the rest of this year. This is because this is the next quickest way for us to get the money to you.

If you do not want to use the £150 to reduce your Council Tax instalments, you can request a refund from your Council Tax account. You can do this by emailing us at

I think I'm entitled but I haven't received a letter from you

If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, please check your bank statements to see if you received a credit from us at the end of April or beginning of May.

If you can't see this, and you think that you are entitled to the Energy Bills Rebate, please email us at You should tell us your name, address and Council Tax account number.

Local scheme

The Government has also provided funding of £289,500 for us to design a local scheme to provide additional help to residents beyond that provided by the main scheme.

The local scheme we have set up will help households living in properties in bands E to H who are in receipt of a specific Council Tax reduction, exemption or discount which highlights the household would benefit from further help towards their energy costs. The scheme also provides extra help to households in bands A to D who receive Council Tax Support.

Payment categories and amounts

Energy Bills Rebate Local Scheme categories and value of award
Household category  Value of award 
Households occupying property in Council Tax Bands E to H receiving Council Tax Support (CTS) £178
Households occupying property in Council Tax Bands F to H with disabled band reduction £150
Households occupying property in Council Tax Bands E to H, where the property is exempt from Council Tax as all residents have severe mental impairment (class U exemption)  £150
Households occupying property in Council Tax Bands E to H where a Council Tax discount for a carer has been awarded  £150
Households occupying property in Council Tax Bands A to D receiving Council Tax Support Top-up of £28 in addition to the £150 already paid

How payments will be made

You do not need to claim this payment from us. We will use the information we already hold to identify households that qualify.

Where a household in bands E to H pays Council Tax to us by Direct Debit we will make payment directly into that bank account.

Where a household in bands E to H does not pay us by Direct Debit, we will write to them asking them to give us bank account information.

Where we are making a top-up payment to a household in bands A to D we will pay this in the same way as we paid the £150 Energy Bills Rebate.

We will make these payments over the next month, and we will write to everyone who is entitled to tell them when they will get their payment.