Penalty Charge Notices (parking tickets)

We enforce parking restrictions on the street and in off-street council run car parks. Saba Park Services UK Limited carries out this task on our behalf.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers (previously called traffic wardens) issue tickets called ‘Penalty Charge Notices’ (PCNs) to motorists who have parked incorrectly.


For more serious parking contraventions (for example - you have parked in a bus stop or on a double yellow line), the penalty charge is £70.

  • If you pay within 14 days from the date of the issue of the Penalty Charge Notice, the penalty charge reduces to £35.

For less serious parking contraventions (for example - you have parked in a bay with an expired pay and display ticket), the fine is £50.

  • If you pay within 14 days from the date of the issue of the Penalty Charge Notice, the penalty charge reduces to £25.

Do not pay the parking ticket if you wish to challenge it.

If you challenge the parking ticket do not make a payment until you receive our response.

If you pay we will be unable to accept your challenge.

Pay your parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice)


If you feel that you should not have been issued a parking ticket, you can appeal against it using the online challenge function.

Please note: when providing supporting information using the online challenge function (via the button below), please ensure that when you reach the ‘Supporting documentation’ stage of the process that you select a file using the ‘Browse’ function and then click ‘Add’ before pressing ‘Send’.

Challenge your parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice)

Penalty Charge Notices cannot be challenged online on the same day that the penalty was issued.

Personal data

Personal data has been collected in order to serve this Penalty Charge Notice and enforce the parking terms and conditions. As a contravention has occurred, your personal data may be collected, processed, shared and retained in order to carry out the performance of a public task and fulfil our legal obligations.

For more information, please visit our privacy policies page.

More information

Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notices

Our team of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) currently issue Regulation 9 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN), which means they have to either attach the notice to the vehicle, or hand it to the driver.

In some cases, after starting to prepare the documentation, the CEO is prevented from serving the PCN by the driver returning to the vehicle and driving off, or by the driver becoming abusive or threatening. Presently, PCNs which cannot be served in these circumstances are not pursued further.

To reduce the number of evaded PCNs, our CEOs will now be issuing Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles seen parked in contravention of a waiting restriction.

What is a Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notice?

A Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notice is sent in the post to the registered keep/owner of a vehicle rather than fixed to the vehicle.

We will obtain the vehicle owner’s details from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in order to send out a Regulation 10 notice if:

  • our CEO attempted to serve the PCN by attaching it to the vehicle but was prevented from doing so by someone
  • our CEO was unable to serve the PCN due to the vehicle being driven away.

Regulation 10 PCNs have been introduced to reduce the number of evaded notices and to support CEOs. Motorists who try to prevent a PCN being served by driving away or behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards a CEO will still receive a PCN in the post.

CEOs will still continue to issue Regulation 9 PCNs, but will now also have the ability to issue Regulation 10 PCNs if the circumstances dictate.

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