Public spaces protection orders

We can create public spaces protection orders, or PSPOs, as a way of controlling certain specified anti-social behaviours which have taken place in particular public areas.

Where a behaviour is prohibited under an order for a particular area, it is a criminal offence for any person to engage in such behaviour within that area, without reasonable excuse. Persons found to be doing so by a police officer or another authorised person may be prosecuted (and if convicted, may be required to pay a fine of up to £1,000) or issued a fixed penalty notice for up to £100.

Under orders which restrict the consumption of alcohol in public places, a police officer or authorised person may require any person not to consume alcohol in breach of the order, and to surrender any alcohol in their possession for disposal. Continuing to consume alcohol, or failing to surrender alcohol, is an offence, with a maximum fine on conviction of £500. Fixed penalty notices for up to £100 may also be issued. These orders will not affect the use of licensed pub beer gardens or event sites.

We work in partnership with District Enforcement - a company that specialises in enviro-crime enforcement - to issue Fixed Penalty Notices. Find out more about District Enforcement.

Making an order

We can make a PSPO to prohibit specified behaviours, or require them to be carried out in certain ways, if:

  • activities have been (or are likely to be) carried on in a public place, which have had a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality
  • the effect of the activities is of a persistent or continuing nature, makes the activities unreasonable, and justifies the restrictions in the order

We will not make an order unless we believe that the restrictions are reasonable and necessary to control the behaviours specified by the order.

We will consult before we make, extend, vary or discharge orders, as well as publicising such proposals. Consultation will include the police, the police and crime commissioner, community representatives, and owners/occupiers of land within the restricted area. 

Current and proposed orders

The following PSPOs are currently in force in Dacorum or are proposed.

List of current Public Spaces Protection Orders in Dacorum or are proposed:
Area included Activities restricted Next scheduled review date Information and map(s)
Hemel Hempstead town centre
Cycling, skateboarding and use of e-scooters, spitting (including the discharge of chewing gum), urinating, defecating 28 July 2025  Hemel Hempstead town centre PSPO (PDF 1MB)
Borough of Dacorum
Dog fouling, dog control, exclusion of dogs in specified areas 28 July 2025  Borough of Dacorum dog PSPO (PDF 2MB)
Hemel Hempstead town centre, Gadebridge Park, Old Town, Randall Park Consumption of alcohol in public places 6 April 2024  Hemel Hempstead town centre (north) (PDF 721KB)
 Hemel Hempstead town centre (south) (PDF 773KB)
Berkhamsted and Northchurch Consumption of alcohol in public places 6 April 2024
 Berkhamsted and Northchurch (PDF 1MB)
Bovingdon Consumption of alcohol in public places 6 April 2024
 Bovingdon (PDF 960KB)
Boxmoor Consumption of alcohol in public places 6 April 2024
 Boxmoor (PDF 684KB)
Evans Wharf Consumption of alcohol in public places 6 April 2024
 Evans Wharf (PDF 377KB)
Frogmore End, Durrants Hill Road Consumption of alcohol in public places 6 April 2024
 Frogmore End, Durrants Hill (PDF 776KB)

Challenging an order

Anyone who lives in an area covered by an order, or who regularly works in or visits the area, may challenge the validity of the order at the High Court. Such challenges must be made within six weeks of the date on which the order (or variation of an order) was made.

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